What is The Range of Bluetooth And How Can We Extend it

Bluetooth is the modern revolution of every device, nowadays weather you using any mobile, headphones, TV, speaker or even while driving your car. Bluetooth is everywhere you can find it in most of your home gadgets. So when we talk about this amazing technology of Bluetooth there are some questions that come in mind. We all know that Bluetooth can only work on a certain distance, and they have some connection issues. We are going to answer them for you today, questions like what is the range of Bluetooth and what to do to get them better, let’s start with basic questions.

What is Bluetooth?

Well, in simple terms it’s basically a device we use to transfer our data from one device to another device. We can always use Bluetooth to transfer any kind of data, like your music files, videos, your documents, links, and all other stuff.

How it gets transferred?

The data transfer through wavelength that of course, we cannot see, the wavelength known radio waves.

Can it send to everywhere?

It can be used everywhere but there is a limit to the distance it can reach, that we called the range of Bluetooth which holds us back.

What is the range of Bluetooth?

Now, the question is what is the extend range of Bluetooth? Simple as it sounds. The range of Bluetooth is just that distance it can work on while transferring the data. The range of Bluetooth can be explained very easily by a few examples. Like just imagine an animal, any animal let’s say lion so when lion roar there’s a limit where the roar of the lion can be heard. Like if lion roars and you standing near it you will hear it, but if you are 500 meters away you may hear it but a lot less. After a while, if we take you a km away you won’t be able to hear. So that 500 meter was the range of the lion roars where you can hear it to the last point. That is the same thing with Bluetooth, they also have roars or sound in the form of waves. Just like the lion roars the wavelength also has some point that they can be grabbed or received. That’s known as the range of Bluetooth.

What range depends on?

Well, some factors are there, like whenever you buy some device with Bluetooth, the Bluetooth always have 3 classes on which range depends.

  • Class 1: Well, this one is quite impressive and the one you will get on your mobile phone, laptop, and things like that. The longest range class in all Bluetooth class is class 1. It comes with a range of 100 meters that will let you transfer data to anyone who’s under a 100meter range.
  • Class 2: Well, this one is not that bad or great either the class 2 Bluetooth, usually comes in your speakers, headset and things like that. They have a limited range of just letting you transfer the data to 10 meters.
  • Class 3: Class 3 is what we started with and what is the least actually the which Is not used nowadays at all. The class 3 gives you the range of only 1 meter that’s it. No more than that, it’s not being used that much and pretty hard to find it in nowadays devices.

So these were the 3 classes of the Bluetooth, on which your Bluetooth range depend on.

How can we extend it?

Well, you can always try updating it, people don’t really take care of updating their technology and gadgets. As, they think nothing will change much, but that’s not true at all when you are trying to get any technology update. You will get many good things, while in our Bluetooth you get range benefits. The newer ones can reach up to the range of 250 feet to 800 feet which is almost 3 times more than your class 1 range. While other things you can try get a signal repeater and that can even make your 33 feet Bluetooth range to reach 1000 feet. It just simply keeps on taking your ranges forward without any disturbance. These are the most basic things to do, but if that also not works for you then try searching YouTube. You will find tons of videos regarding the DIY of extending ranges. Well most of them work too so yeah you can always go search that easily.