Nesdek INC App Is A Ponzi Scheme – Don’t Invest!

In this article, you will check the review of one of the worst trading software named Nesdek INC App. This trading software is full of fake promises and completely misleading facts. And if you have already subscribed for this trading software, then it is better to unsubscribe yourself from their email list.

The whole setup of this binary options application is created just to steal the money of users who want to become a millionaire overnight. Even we’re feeling sorrowful for users who already used this trading software and lost their money.

In case you’re fallen for Nesdek INC trading software, then we would like to tell you that please check our review before making your first deposit into your trading account because it is a SCAM. In an upcoming paragraph, you will find out all the proofs by which we raised a red flag for Nesdek INC app, but first, it is vital to know a little about what Mr. Mcdonald have to say about his fake trading software.

What is Nesdek INC App?

Nesdek INC app is the binary options trading software created by Nesdek INC, and Mike McDonald is CFO of this Financial Technology Firm. According to him, his tech firm develop one of the most powerful and most accurate trading software in the world. Over last few decades, only a few individual have gotten access to this trading software, and all of them have become financially independent or millionaire after using it. Now he wants to give free access to other users.

Mike McDonald is retired Wall Street broker who has earned around $1,432, 111 using this trading software in a year that $3842 a day. Before creating this app he has analyzed lots of trading software and after getting all knowledge of all these binary options software he created Nesdek INC App.

The only this Mr. McDonald shared about his trading application is that it can predict financial trends before it hit the financial markets. The software algorithm can analyze every trade and correctly predict 85% of the trades. Now this is also the reason why this software is available for free, and there is no hidden or additional charges.

Nesdek INC App is very easy to use, and you don’t need any knowledge of trading for using it. The only thing you require is a computer with internet connection with investment and the right opportunity for making thousands of dollars a month.

If you check complete demonstration video of this trading software, Mike has shared lots of positive fact about Nesdek INC app, but the truth is that it is SCAM. This scam is quite similar to the Bitcoin Trader scam.

Now you might be wondering why we’re so confident right? Why don’t you check all the proofs which we have gathered while doing our in-depth research and you will come to know how cleverly Mike McDonald is fooling innocent traders.

Reasons for Calling Nesdek INC SCAM?

Mike McDonald is retired Wall Street broker

Mr. McDonald mentioned in the presentation video that he is retired broker of the Wall Street. Now this statement is completely fake. We have done complete research to verify this statement but didn’t find single proof which confirms this. If he was Wall Street broker, then why we didn’t found any information about him like Warren Buffet.

To confirm his identity when we searched about him on the internet, we found lots of Mike McDonald, but no one belongs to Wall Streets. So all this confirms that he is the fake guy, and not a millionaire. He is using the Wall Street name just to trick people into getting more sign ups.

Financial Firm – Nesdek App is Fake and Doesn’t Exist

Mike McDonald call himself Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Nesdek Inc App. To confirm this, we have done research about his company too, and we found nothing. There is no such genuine company exists on the internet or anywhere. Now this is another proofs which forced us to call this trading app a SCAM.

Most of the cases, these type of statements are made by the owner of the fake trading software’s just to gain the trust of innocent users.

Earned $3842 in a Single Day

In the video, he mentioned that he had made around $4000 in just one day, but the truth is that it is impossible to earn this much amount using binary options in just one day. Even some of the member who’re using this trading app also made the same amount. But the truth is that is completely false and not verifiable. He is using this much amount just to get the attraction of more people. So that more and more users try to create their account for this binary options software in greed of making money.

Fake and Misleading Screenshots of Earning

In the demonstration video, he shared a screenshot of Steve Brown, who earned around half of the million using this binary options trading software. Now the truth is that this screenshot is fake, and we confirmed this by checking website registration details. In the screenshot, you will see a date i.e. 16 April 2016, but the domain of the official website was registered on 11 May 2016. If this information is true, then from where Mr. Brown earned this much amount?

Even the Mike statement about making $1, 432, 111 in one year is also fake.  Our above proofs also prove this statement to be fake.

Endorsed by Popular Finacial Site. Fake

If you visit the official website of Nesdek app, on the bottom left the side of the screen you will see a section where you will check what popular financial sites like NY Times, CNBC, Forbes, and others think about Nesdek app. Don’t believe this; it is false. We have personally checked all these websites and didn’t found a single link to these websites where they have featured this fake trading software on their website.

Fake Testimonials Providers

If you scroll down to the bottom of the site, you will find a section where you will read what Facebook members want to say about Nesdek app. Now this is another fake thing. We have personally checked all the profiles on the Facebook and didn’t find a single profile.


All these proofs forced us to title Nesdek app a SCAM. So by keeping all these things in mind, we’re not recommending this fake binary options app to anyone.