Taborstraße 10, 1020 Wien, Odeon Theater

09:00 Registration, morning coffee
10:00 Grand Dynamic Opening
10:10 Opening speech by Organizers and Special guests
10:20 Keynote speech by ISMAIL MALIK “Smart Contracts for Banking”
10:40 Speech by DR FLORIAN M SPIEGL ”Security tokens: how technolgy powers a new chapter in capital markets”
11:00 Speech by VITALIY BODNAR
11:15 Speech by PASCAL B. VAN KNIJFF “How a lack of trust affects the Crypto Industry and Investments (and what to do about it)”
11:30 Speech by ON YAVIN ”Due Diligence for ICOs and STOs”
11:50 Speech by VIT JEDLICKA ”The First Decentralized Autonomous Government System”
12:10 Speech by DMITRIY KOZELKIN “Malta: DLT and Fintech Regulation”
12:25 Speech by JEFF FREY ”How to avoid scams in blockchain and make investments safer”
12:40 Keynote speech by SERGEY POLONSKY
13:00 Speech by NATALYA MENSHIKOVA ”Digital Footprint: The Next Generation of e-Commerce”
13:15 Speech by MAXIM TELESHEV + VLADISLAV EGOROV ”Smart contracts and it’s bussiness implementation”
13:30 Lunch break, socializing, networking
14:30 Presentation of four 1st ICO/STO projects , 15 min each ”EBIC AWARD”
15:30 Panel disscussion ”Blockchain and Fundraisng”
16:00 Presentation of four 1st ICO/STO projects , 15 min each ”EBIC AWARD”
17:00 Speech by NIKOLA SOLOGUB ”DANZ – Gold – backed Digital Asset and how to build one”
17:20 Speech by JASON FERNANDES ”Blockchain and the Affilate Marketing Industry”
17:40 Panel dissusion ”Blockchain for good, Charity”
18:10 Speech by ALEXANDER ADAM KULESHOV ”Israeli Blockchain Market in 2019, new prospectives for international investments”
18:25 Speech by GAGANDEEP SINGH
18:40 Speech by ARTUR KUCZMOWSKI ”Security Token Offering as safer fundraising models than ICOs (case study based on Estonian law regulations)”
18:55 Speech by BO POLNY ”2019 Financial CRASH of the Century causing a Cryptocurrency Bull Market Price EXPLOSION”
19:10 Speech by MARCO ROBINSON ”How Blockchain can completely disrupt charity & create transparency in donations…where you can visually track where your donations are spent and you can sponsor and invest in the socially excluded, based on “Conditional Altrusim – I help you if you help someone else”
19:30 Cocktails and socializing
20:30 Gate closes
21:00 VIP Party, only by special invitation (place to be announced)


Taborstraße 10, 1020 Wien, Odeon Theater

9:00 Morning coffee
10:00 Opening Show 2
10:10 Keynote speech by MARLOES POMP “The new strategy paper of the Dutch Government”
10:30 Speech by DAVID STANCEL ”STO’s (Security Token Offerings)”
10:50 Speech by RUFUS LIDMAN ”Blockchain stategies doing well for investors and doing good for society – Two things not fitting together?”
11:10 Speech by CHRIS DENNY “Blockchain and E-Commerce – B2C, B2B”
11:30 Speech by ELIRAN LEVY ”Importance of having a reliable source of information in the evolving blockchain industry”
11:50 Speech by MARCOS BENÍTEZ RUBIANES ”Blockchain for sustainable development”
12:10 Panel dissusion ” STO’s versus ICO’s” (4-5 persons)
12:40 Speech by PETER BEL “New opportunities for your company in a bear market”
13:00 Speech by GIORGIO TALEGON ”How the Blockchain Revolution will disrupt the Ad Industry”
13:15 Speech by VADYM HRUSHA ”Identity Access Management (IAM) and what blockchain has to offer to it in the future”
13:30 Keynote speech by VASSILI I. OXENUK ”Wall Street and Cryptoworld. Investment banking in the light of new technologies”
13:50 Speech by ASSOC. PROF. DR. ROBERT BRAUN Disruption or dystopia: smart cities, autonomous vehicles and blockchain. The presentation will focus on the connection between blockchain technology and autonomous driving; look at how our lives may change and what we can do about it.
14:10 Speech by OPHIR GERTNER ”Content: Tier 3 ICOs are over, but the model of selling tokens for future users (and speculators) is still one of the best options for good blockchain start-ups. To describe what makes a good blockchain start-up, why tokenised ecosystems are the future, and how security tokens could spread in the future…”
14:30 Lunch break, socializing, networking
15:30 Presentation of two ICO/STO projects , 15 min each ”EBIC AWARD”
16:00 Speech by MASSIMO BUONOMO ”Blockchain in finance and in the supply chain”
16:15 Speech by RALPH Y. LIU ”Real life experience in building a blockchain startup during the fast moving cryptocurrency market sentiments and the developing regulatory framework, lessons to be learned and advice going forward”
16:30 Speech by MICHAEL SHLAYEN ”Lack of qualified blockchain talent is a major obstacles to the advance of blockchain technology”
16:45 Speech by MARTIN BERWEGER ”ICOs in the Crypto Valley Zug”
17:00 Speech by DMITRIY MACHIKHIN ”Blockchain in legaltech as a best synergy”
17:15 Panel dissusion ”Blockchain regulations”
17:45 Speech by STEFAN BEYER ”Cybersecurity Considerations in Blockchain Investments”
18:00 Speech by ANGEL VERSETTI ”How Blockchain and IoT will Power the Smart Cities of the Future”
18:15 Speech by DINIS GUARDA ”The present and future of Al and Blockchain”
18:35 Speech by ANTI DANILEVSKI ”Pivoting a crypto startup according to the changing crypto market”
18:55 Speech by OLGA FELDMEIER ”The Evolution of Ownership: how tokenization is changing ownership and investments”
19:15 Speech by PAVEL MUNTYAN ”Freeland movie presentation”
19:30 Socializing, networking
20:30 Gate closes
21:00 VIP Party


Taborstraße 10, 1020 Wien, Odeon Theater

09:00 Morning coffee
10:00 Opening Show 2
10:10 Speech by JOSHUA PAUL HAWLEY
10:30 Speech by KARNIKA E.YASH ”Evolving Blockchain Enterprises and how they change the ICO landscape”
11:00 Speech by KISHORE M ”ICO or CrowdFunding which is the Best Fund Raising Option?”
11:15 Speech by JOHN HARGRAVE ”Blockchain Investing: The Portfolio that Grew 9x in 3 Years. The session your financial advisor doesn’t want you to attend!”
11:30 Speech by ROBBY SCHWERTNER ”Utility versus security token”
11:45 Panel dissusion ”Blockchain Investment Strategies In 2019” (4-5 persons)
12:15 Speech by PETAR SAVIC ”Tokenization”
12:30 Speech by TONIE VAYS
12:45 Speech by ANDREW KOLODYUK “How Blockchain will change the Video Ads Market”
13:00 Speech by ERHAN KORHALILLER ”Uncharted waters : Steering a new PR course with the emergence of STOs”
13:15 Speech by ALEXIS THOMAS ”Blockchain Future with Daily Life”
13:30 Speech by THOMAS LABENBACHER ”Future of banking and Blockchain”
13:45 Speech by MAKSYM VYSOCHANSKIY ”Topic – SCO vs ICO – fight of 2019″?
14:00 Speech by AAMIR BUTT ”Lancorscientific Company Presentation”
14:15 Speech by FLORIAN WIMMER “Compliance and optimized taxation for digital assets”
14:30 Speech by ARTUR LIPATOV ”Startups forge for billions, talents from Russia”
14:45 Lunch break, socializing, networking
15:30 Presentation of five ICO/STO projects , 15 min each ”EBIC AWARD”
16:30 Speech by MARCO CALICCHIA
16:45 Speech by JANIS VIKLIS “Decentralizing centralized cloud file storage and payments”
17:00 Speech by MARCO DIAS ”Stable coins”
17:15 Speech by VADYM HRUSHA ”Identity Access Management (IAM) and what blockchain has to offer to it in the future”
17:30 Speech by YONATHAN PARLENTI ”HoryouToken, Blockchain with a Purpose. Building Social and Economic Inclusion, Fostering the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”
17:45 Speech by AMIT JAIRATH ”Victus Network/ Karma App – Integrating into a decentralized social network for a creative conscious community”
18:00 Speech by PROF. HORST TREIBLMAIER ”10 years of Blockchain: Past, present and future”
18:15 Speech by MAX KOPS ”Tokens as an asset class: How tokens fit and don’t fit into your portfolio”
18:30 Speech by CAL EVANS ”Protection of industries with the help of blockchain technology”
18:45 Speech by AMIT JOSHI ”Present challenges and the future of healthcare applications on blockchain”
19:00 Speech by RAMA KRISHNA ”The pros and cons of digital assets and way forward”
19:15 Speech by, will be announced
19:30 Closing, Socializing, Networking
20:30 Gate closes
21:00 Gala dinner (Investors, VIPs, by special invitation only)