What’s The Difference Between Infrared Transmission And Bluetooth?

 Well, if you are one of those who is looking for the answer for this and think that they both kinda same. Well, there’s a lot of difference when we talk about these two and there is a lot of things that make that difference. If you still think that these both are the same and not much different. Then you are wrong and you will know in this article why, so let’s start it with the basics.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology that is used to transfer your data from the phone and any device that has Bluetooth technology to the other device. You can send as much data as you want with the Bluetooth but on a limited range or distance. The Bluetooth transfer files through radio wavelength of radio waves.

What is infrared transmission?

It’s basically energy that transmits in the electromagnetic spectrum and lets you transmit in wavelength longer than visible light and shorter than radio waves.

Difference between Bluetooth and infrared transmission.

The basic and the first difference is simple, your Bluetooth works on your wavelength of radio waves or radiofrequency.

While your infrared transmission works on your infrared transmission waves or infrared transmission frequency.

These are totally invisible to the naked eye and can’t be seen by us and neither the radio waves. Both of them work better and take less power than other wireless connection technologies.


When we talk about ranges you can get Bluetooth range up to 100 meters easily on class 1 and we take the most used one that is your class 2 Bluetooth you still get a 10-meter range.

While your infrared transmission range is just 1 meter and that’s it.

So without any doubt, Bluetooth is better than infrared transmission, in a range that is why it’s the most used one in communication technology and other stuff.

Transmission speed

When we are talking about speed, your infrared comes with the maximum speed up to 16Mbps speed in its range. But talking about the speed of Bluetooth it’s 1 to 3Mbps that’s way less than the infrared.

Although Saying that huge difference between both of them, this has been seen that both of the technologies mostly work on the 3Mbps speed. So you can say they are both good when it comes to speed of transferring any data.

Device location

While transferring data, the infrared transmission is not as good as Bluetooth and it comes with a huge disadvantage. The infrared transmission can only send it data when it’s in the direct line of the device as it uses direct light transfer. Also, the infrared will stop working if any slight obstacle or object comes in front of the device. While looking at Bluetooth which transfers its file through your radio waves it’s not hard for it to transfer the data to devices. Even when he’s not in the direct line of sight with the device. Although when you trying to transfer to another room and have any obstacle between the range gets less. As the radio waves also get difficult to reach that because of the obstruction. But still, it can transfer your files in another room while having an obstruction in between.


While talking about uses the Bluetooth and infrared have their own way of working. That is why there is room for them in their own field of use. Like we talked about and said that infrared uses its infrared transmission frequency and can be used when being in the direct line of device. That is why it’s mostly seen used in your remote control, wireless devices like your mouse and all those stuff. Even now the infrared does have its uses.

Bluetooth, it’s probably the most used technology that gives you lots of varieties in its uses. The radio waves frequency let it go where infrared can’t and that is why it’s getting used the most. You will see Bluetooth on your mobile phone, laptop and PC nowadays that is the commonplace you will find. Other is that it’s being used in your headset, watches, even in your car and speakers. Bluetooth lets you have the best fun element while giving you a great advantage of range.…

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