Best Hand Mixer in India

A hand mixer is a kitchen tool that makes it easy to mix the dough. Many people use it to make non-dessert foods. Manufacturers such as Philip launched their flagship products at different prices.

This time we will explain how to choose the right-hand mixer. Then, don’t forget that we will also provide ten of the best electric hand mixer product recommendations for you. Don’t miss the review about using a good hand mixer at the end of the article.

How to choose a hand mixer

High-performance hand mixers tend to weigh too much. However, no matter how high the performance, the hand mixer will be complicated for you if it is difficult to use. A hand mixer is used using only one hand.

Apart from weight, also pay attention to the design and ease of holding the handle. Choose a length of no more than 20 cm with a speed control dial that is easy to operate.

Electrolux Hand Mixer EHM 2000

Electrolux EHM 2000 Hand Mixer is equipped with a powerful motor engine and is not too noisy even when used at the highest speed. So, you will still feel comfortable when using it.

There’s also a turbo button to increase the mixer spin speed for a few moments. Furthermore, cleaning it feels more accessible because this German-made mixer is equipped with an eject button to quickly swap out the beaters.

The whisk is made of stainless steel, which is safe for food and, of course, easy to maintain. The design is artistic with a glossy white bandage all over the body and black accents on the setting buttons.

When used, its power consumption is also relatively small, when viewed from the embedded features, only 250 watts. The handle is comfortable to grip and anti-slip, preventing unwanted things when used. It also weighs just 1.3 kg to minimize soreness when used for a long time.

Bosch Hand Mixer MFQ 4020

Even though you are familiar with woodworking tools, that does not mean that Bosch household electronics can be underestimated. Like their drilling machine, this hand mixer has extreme torque to create a super soft and even dough. The shape is also modern with ergonomic handles for comfort while working because it is easy to control.

Even though it has excellent power, the resulting sound is not noisy, thanks to the mixer motor’s dampers. It is equipped with several shaker options and speed levels, making this tool perfect for you to have at home. The colors look elegant and beautiful in terms of design, combining black and white monochrome colors.

The shaker design is also different from others. If it is usually conical in shape, Bosch has a mixing spoon with a cavity for mixing the dough. The body is made of sturdy plastic and has five levels of speed. Because the power is so great, it’s no wonder that electricity consumption is relatively high, reaching 450 watts.

CPEX Sayona 300-Watt Hand Mixer

The Sayona CPEX brand is one of the cheapest in India. You need high wattage if you want to operate this hand mixer, but with that power capacity, there are seven settings that you can use while making cakes.